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Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor
Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor

Namaste! Namoshkar! Welcome!

Welcome to Talkingbees.com, your premier online destination for learning Bengali and Hindi! We also offer enriching Indian and Hindustani music lessons. Our personalized one-on-one classes via Skype connect you with experienced tutors who craft tailor-made curricula to suit your unique needs and accommodate your busy schedule.

Who We Are

We’re an accredited online language-learning center committed to empowering learners of all ages—children, adults, and working professionals. Whether you’re planning a trip to India for work or study, or simply yearn to communicate with loved ones living afar, Talkingbees is your trusted partner in mastering Hindi and Bengali.

How It Works

Our convenient online tutoring via Skype allows you to embark on your language-learning journey from the comfort of your home. With just an internet connection, you’ll dive into the rich tapestry of Bengali, Hindi, and Indian music. Collaborate with our tutors to design a customized curriculum and establish a schedule that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.

One-on-One Learning 

Experience the magic of learning from native speakers of Bengali and Hindi. Our beginner’s lessons cover essential vocabulary—perfect for short trips to India—while advanced sessions propel you toward conversational fluency. The flexibility of one-on-one classes ensures you learn at your own pace, fostering confidence and proficiency.

Our Motto

We live by a simple yet powerful motto: “We will come to you, no matter where in the world you are.” 🌎🐝

Join us at Talkingbees.com, where language & music unite across borders !!

Talkingbees- Namaste
Talkingbees- Namaste

Language and Music Courses:-

Learn Bengali language online with our courses like Bengali Language for Beginners,Bengali Language & Culture, Advanced Bengali Proficiency, Bengali Business Communication,

Master the Hindi language with our expertly designed online Hindi courses like Learn Hindi in 30days, How to speak Hindi, Hindi for begginers etc.

Explore the rich tradition of Indian/Hindustani music , Bhajans , Bengali songs,Najrul geeti ,Tagore songs Bengali Modern songs, Voice training through our online tutorials.

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Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor
Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor