Explore Bengali Language Tutorials at TalkingBees.com. Our Customized Bengali Courses are perfect for all from Beginner to Advanced. Enjoy Structured Learning and Master Bengali Online with our lessons tailored for English speakers in the USA, Canada,UK and others. Speak Bengali confidently and embrace a learning experience that complements your lifestyle.” 🐝✍️

Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor
Talkingbees-Online Bengali,Hindi,Music Tutor
Talkingbees- Hindi Course
Talkingbees- Hindi Course


Welcome to Talkingbees.com, your premier online destination for learning Bengali! Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a traveler, or simply curious about this fascinating language, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Talkingbees?

  1. Native Bengali Tutors: Our experienced team, led by Susmita, offers personalized online Bangla classes via Skype. Learn directly from native speakers who understand the nuances of the language.

  2. Tailored Lesson Plans: We believe in flexibility. Your learning journey is unique, so we create customized lesson plans to fit your needs and pace.

  3. Global Reach: From the US and Canada to the UK, Australia, and beyond, our one-on-one instruction method ensures a safe and supportive learning environment, no matter where you are.

Discover Bengali Culture

  • Language and Beyond: Bengali, also known as Bangla, is the official language of Bangladesh. With over 200 million speakers worldwide, it ranks as the seventh-most spoken language globally (according to Listverse).

  • Rich Heritage: Explore the history and culture of this amazing country. Did you know that the earliest civilizations arrived in Bangladesh around four thousand years ago?

  • India Connection: Bengali is widely spoken in parts of India too. In 1947, the British territory of Bengal was split into West Bengal (given to India) and East Bengal (now Bangladesh).

What to Expect in Your Online Bengali Class

  • Customized Learning: Your lesson plan will help you speak Bengali confidently.

  • Grammar and Pronunciation: Improve your language skills, including writing and pronunciation.

  • Script Mastery: Learn how to write in Bengali script.

  • Reading Practice: Enhance your reading abilities.

  • Expressions and Idioms: Dive into Bengali expressions, slang, and idiomatic phrases.

  • Cultural Insights: Discover the richness of Bengali culture.

  • Homework Assignments: Reinforce your learning with complementary assignments.

How Do I Start Learning Bengali?

To begin your Bengali online class with Talkingbees, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Talkingbees:

    • Visit our Contact Us page and express your interest in learning Bengali.

  2. Evaluation Session:

    • We’ll arrange a FREE evaluation session.

    • Assess your language level, learning requirements, class schedule, and understand Talkingbees’ online class policies.

    • This session helps tailor the lessons to your specific needs.

  3. Make a Payment:

    • Once you’re ready to proceed, make a payment through the Talkingbees website.

    • Our affordable prices ensure that learning Bengali fits into your budget.

  4. Get Ready to Learn:

    • With the necessary preparations complete, you’re now ready to embark on your journey of learning Bengali online with Talkingbees!

What Do you Need to Learn Bengali with Talkingbees?

Learning how to speak Bengali is easy with Talkingbees. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Computer or Laptop:Preferably with a Skype-compatible webcam.

  • Zoom/Skype Account:Create an account if you don’t already have one. This will be the platform for your online Bengali classes.

  • Gmail Account:Having a Gmail account is recommended for smooth communication and coordination with your Bengali tutor at Talkingbees.

  • High-Quality Headphones with a Microphone:Ensure clear audio during your online classes.

  • Pen and Paper:Keep them handy for taking notes during your Bengali lessons.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way!

Talkingbees-Bengali Speaking area
Talkingbees-Bengali Speaking area

Learn Bengali Language Online from Native Bengali Tutor

Learn Bengali in a month

Bengali Language Courses:-

How to Speak Bengali?

Bengali Beginners' Course

How to Read ,Write & Speak Bengali ?

Talkingbees- Learn how to speak Bengali?Talkingbees- Learn how to speak Bengali?
Talkingbees- Learn Bengali in a 30daysTalkingbees- Learn Bengali in a 30days
Talkingbees- Bengali beginners' courseTalkingbees- Bengali beginners' course
Talkingbees-how to read write & speak bengali/bangla?Talkingbees-how to read write & speak bengali/bangla?

Welcome to TalkingBees.com, the ideal platform for those who are eager to learn how to speak Bengali. Our online Bangla class is designed to help you master the Bengali language, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills. Our experienced Bengali tutors, who are native speakers, provide personalized guidance, ensuring that you get the most out of our Bangla course.

For those who are more comfortable with English, we offer a unique English to Bangla speaking course. This course is designed to help you transition smoothly from English to Bengali. We also offer a flexible Bangla language course that caters to your individual learning pace and style.

We believe in making language learning accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer a range of Online Bengali courses, from a comprehensive Bangla course online to a focused Bangla speaking course. Our aim is to help you speak Bengali fluently, and we provide all the resources you need to achieve this goal.

So, if you’re wondering how to learn spoken Bengali or how to speak Bengali in Hindi, look no further. Our Online Bengali tutors are here to help you learn the language in a very short period of time. Join us at TalkingBees.com and embark on your language learning journey today. We look forward to helping you speak Bengali with confidence.:

  1. Learn Bengali in a Month: 🗓️

    • Description: Dive headfirst into the vibrant world of Bengali in 30 days. You’ll grasp essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and cultural nuances. Perfect for travelers, students, or anyone eager to connect with the heart of Bengal.

  2. How to Speak Bengali: 💬

    • Description: Unlock the rhythm of spoken Bengali! Our expertly designed course focuses on conversational skills, pronunciation, and everyday expressions. Engage in real-life scenarios and gain confidence in your interactions.

  3. Bengali Beginner’s Course: 🌱

    • Description: Lay a solid foundation with our beginner-friendly curriculum. Explore greetings, introductions, and basic phrases. As you progress, you’ll delve into simple dialogues, family terms, and more. Ideal for those taking their first steps into the enchanting world of Bengali.

  4. How to Read, Write, and Speak Bengali: 📚✍️💬

    • Description: Immerse yourself in the complete Bengali experience! Learn the script, practice writing, and enhance your conversational abilities. From alphabets to sentences, this comprehensive course equips you with the tools to express yourself fluently.

Learn Bengali Language Free with Online Tutorial

Welcome to Talkingbees.com, your go-to resource for learning Bengali. We understand that learning a new language can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and resources, it can be an enriching experience. Start your journey with the Bengali alphabet, the bedrock of the language. Our platform offers comprehensive online courses designed to help you master Bengali in 30 days or less. The courses are interactive, featuring lessons, quizzes, and exercises that make learning both fun and engaging.

For your convenience, we will also offer a Bengali language learning app very soon, which will allow  you to learn at your own pace, with features like speech recognition and personalized learning paths. If you’re an English speaker, we have resources specifically tailored for you. These resources use English as a base to explain Bengali grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

At Talkingbees.com, we believe that learning a new language should not be hindered by financial constraints. Hence, we offer scholarships to students who wish to learn music but lack the necessary resources. Remember, learning a new language takes time and practice, but with dedication and the right resources, you can master Bengali. Embark on your language learning journey with us today!"

For further guidance and detailed information, contact Talkingbees.

Our experienced team and your Bengali Online Tutor is always ready to assist you in your journey to learn Bengali online. We can provide you with the necessary resources and support to help you master the language. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any queries or assistance you may need. Happy learning!