Happy Students

1. Naomi Beeley, Kolkata, Wednesday 11 Aug 2005: "Susmita is a friendly teacher - she adapts to suit my needs!"

2. Sri, NY, USA, Monday 18 Oct 2007: "Very good Hindi teacher. I've been taking Hindi classes for a few months to refresh/improve my Hindi and have already seen substantial improvement. Susmita-ji's teaching style can accommodate both beginners and more advanced Hindi speakers. Great resource!"

3. Jovan, Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday 26 Oct 2010: "I studied both Bengali and Hindi with Susmita. She is not just an excellent teacher but she is very clever and has a great sense of humor. Her classes are warm and enjoyable. She is one of the better teachers I have come across on the internet. Recommended."

4. Ajay, Albuquerque, N.M., USA, Tuesday 26 Oct 2011: "Susmita has been helping me for 6 months now to Learn Hindi, and I have gone from barely being able to introduce myself to being able to talk about the news, customs, and everyday activities. She is always flexible with her schedule and willing to work with you to help you achieve whatever goals you want to accomplish in learning Hindi and Bengali. She is a dedicated, challenging teacher, and, if you take online lessons from her, your Hindi is guaranteed to improve."

5. Robin Beer, London, UK, Wednesday 27 Oct 2013 "Susmita is a conscientious and patient teacher who helped me very much with my conversation skills. My confidence with Hindi has improved considerably during our time together."

6. Jimmy Singh, Houston, USA, Tuesday 2 Nov 2014: "My 2 kids have been taking Indian music lessons from Susmita for over 6 months. Susmita is friendly with the kids and flexible with her lessons. The kids have made significant progress and she gets from me."

7. Andreas Beyer, Switzerland, Saturday 6 Nov 2016: "I have been singing Bengali songs and have asked Susmita to translate them for me. Although this is somewhat different from normal teaching, she has done a great job: she has gone through 100 songs with me, and I am fully satisfied with the way she has been explaining the meaning and taught me the proper pronunciation of the words. Her warmth and kindness make the lessons not only a fruitful, but also a satisfying experience, which inspired me to go on to learn some proper Bengali from Susmita. Highly recommended."

8. Deepa Iyer, East Lansing, MI, USA, Saturday 13 Nov 2017: "I have recently started taking Hindi lessons with Susmita and am really enjoying them. She is very prompt with email communication in setting up class times, punctual to start the class, and very patient. I feel comfortable speaking my very basic Hindi with her and I know that I am learning a lot through our conversations and lessons. I look forward to being able to converse well in Hindi after working with her over time."

9. Chandrani Sanyal, Melville, NY, USA, Tuesday 16 Nov 2019: "Susmita has been teaching Bengali to my son for the last 1.5 years. During that time, my son has gone from not knowing anything in Bengali to be able to read and write Bengali. Susmita has been great and has provided my son with excellent guidance."

10. Erik, LA, California, Wednesday 3 Aug 2020: "Susmita teaches pretty good Bengali and its a big help because there isn't much learn Bengali material on the internet and other learning software doesn't have Bengali at the moment. She teaches the Bengali that is spoken by the locals which is important because a lot of books to learn Bangla and other languages are not correct a lot about certain words or phrases. Anyways I give Susmita and her website 2 thumbs up."

11. Mike, Washington DC, Saturday 10 Oct 2022: "I worked with Susmita via Skype to learn basic Hindi before my trip to India. Although there was a lot to learn, she was extremely patient with me and put a lot of variety in the lessons. When I wrapped up each call I remember feeling excited about how much we covered and that I was making steady progress. For anyone interested in learning Hindi, I would strongly recommend contacting Susmita and developing a lesson schedule."

12. Konrad, London, United Kingdom, Saturday 17 Dec 2024: "In just a small number of Hindi lessons, I have been given the tools to describe myself and others, relate things to people in different ways, and use different tenses.